Nazia is a determined artisan with a great sense of humor who began learning jewelry making techniques and business skills after her Father left her family at the age of 19. As the oldest of 6 kids she rose to the challenge of providing for her family and was employed by VA to learn how to bead and source raw materials.

Nazia quickly developed business know-how and soon began to train other young women in her skills and knowledge, eventually even passing it on to her younger sister

Nazia’s family now live with pride and dignity in a community where they were once shamed by her father’s disappearance - secure financially and empowered through building a family business. She continues to help other women and families to do the same.

"We are so happy that women around the world are enjoying the jewelry we are making for them. We are very proud of what we have become and want other women to know they are not helpless!".