VILLAGE ARTISAN is a company with a heart to see transformation occur through fair trade work in the lives of those who are vulnerable and exploited. 

Over the last 20 years, Village Artisan has grown to become an international community of creatives, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, interior designers, wholesale buyers and retail shoppers. We work together for a world free of exploitation and poverty and we long to see people reach their full potential.

Our Story

In the late 1990’s, Tasha and her young family left Canada to explore India. 

Taken by the richness of the land, the sights and sounds, the yummy food and the warm hospitality, they began to visit with families who generously invited them into their homes for chai. 

It became apparent through their stories that these beautiful people were created for so much more than what they were experiencing.

Reflecting on the journey, Tasha says,

"Amidst the sweet connections I felt sitting in humble surroundings, I was broken by the stories of mistreatment, forced exploitation and the lack of opportunity for my new friends.

I had, until this point, only been involved in providing aid to vulnerable communities. It was when I heard the hearts, dreams and determination of the families that the inspiration for a fair trade business model came alive."

Village Artisan was founded in response to this deep need for safe, dignifying and fair work.

"Village Artisan was born to empower vulnerable communities to come out of exploitation, and move to self-sustainability and dignity by offering western design, skill training, and access to the international market."

It was that day that Tasha thought -

"If we could do all that in a caring community where people are valued, why couldn't they make their dreams of a better future come true?"

"Over 20 years later, together, we have seen incredible transformation in the loves of women, men and children."

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Village Artisan has been blessed with some of the richest relationships this side of heaven from around the world since 1998.

"We know that it has taken a global village of contributors to make this dream of helping people find freedom and working for a brighter future come true.

Through the years, we have been a mosaic of nationalities, giftings, personalities and people with struggles who collectively have experienced victories."

"What grace and perseverance we have all walked in! We couldn’t be more grateful for where we have come from and we are excited about where we are going. There is always more to do in the fight against poverty and injustice.

If you have a heart for people, our planet, beauty, truth and freedom, come join the adventure! We'd love to have you be a part of our tribe."

- Tasha & The VA Family

The VA Impact

Empowering women to rise up as leaders in their families and have a voice in their communities.

Dignifying men through work in a caring community that offers leadership and council, to support growth in fathers and husbands at VA.

Education for children by offering over 70 of our Artisans' kiddos the hope of a bright future through school sponsorship.

Human trafficking prevention through skill training and safe, dignifying work VA fortifies women against the vulnerabilities of trafficking in North India.

VA is currently assisting in setting up a safe and restorative space to train and employ women who have escaped trafficking and abuse.

Our Core Values

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Our Global Tribe

  • Rao

    Managing Director, India

  • Vatau

    Quality Control Lead, India

  • Mary

    Nurse & Community Development Coordinator, India

  • Dini

    Womens Development Lead, India

  • Tasha

    Co Founder Village Artisan, India

  • Adeeb

    Accounts, India

  • Madison

    Design & Socials, Canada

  • Prasad Venigalla

    Advisory Board, USA

  • Matt Klakulak

    Advisory Board, USA

  • Ram Chand

    Advisory Board, India

  • Barb Negley

    Retail Partner Fresh Finds Boutique, USA

  • Denise Cormier

    Partner in Social Enterprise for Survivors, Canada

  • Grace Friesen

    Partner in social enterprise for survivors, Canada

  • Ian & Val Byrd

    Spiritual Support, Canada

  • Jessica Jacobson

    VA Advocate, Canada

  • Joan & Del Needham

    Marketing Pioneers from early 2,000s, Canada

  • Joe & Steve

    Miraculous Support, Australia

  • Karin Thorne

    Asia Advocate, Canada

  • Katiera Edquilane

    Pioneer Model & VA Photographer, Canada

  • Khandu Josep

    Retail Partner Asha Gifts, India

  • Khushboo Tresa

    Sales Team, India

  • Lori Fox

    Creative Voice, Canada

  • Marijanel Knight

    Creative Voice, USA

  • Melissa Friesen

    Co-Owner Curate Design Group, Canada

  • Michelle Klak

    VA Advocate, USA

  • Paul Hillhouse

    Coach, USA

  • Rachel Chand

    VA Advocate, USA

  • Sarah Steele

    Co-Owner Curate Design Group, Canada

  • Tanya Klein

    Communications Coach, Canada

  • Treena Banda

    Co-Owner Curate Design Group, Canada

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