Saima is a meticulous and joyful artisan who is always looking for solutions.

Growing up, she was mesmerized by the dignifying work her oldest sister Nazia was doing with VA, and with her sister's help, Saima recieved a full education through the VA scholarship program.

Saima remembers as a young girl the confusion she felt when her father left her and her 5 siblings, bringing shame to her mother and family. She recalls how her sister Nazia arose to the challenge of providing for them, and being fascinated from an early age by the work Nazia was doing at VA.

When Saima turned 16, she asked to be trained by her sister in the jewelry making skills she had developed. She quickly excelled, which ignited excitement and passion in Saima's heart.

As her older sister was preparing for her wedding, Saima stepped up to the task and was trained in her own business management skills from accounting to training other women. Saima now oversees up to 20 women at a time, proving herself to be highly responsible and caring of other people.

Saima continues to take care of her family, and has recently seen two of her sisters get married through Saimas support and provision.