Sari Color Palettes

Village Artisan Vintage Sari Products are totally unique- so unique that there will never be another one exactly like it on the planet. That’s right- ONE OF A KIND- just like you and just like the artisans who have chosen these exquisite fabrics and who pour over every stitch.

So, how do you go about getting one of these for yourself you ask?

1. Select one of our sari creations under Boutique. (ex. Eternal Beaded Scarf, Kantha bag, Sari Scarfetc.)

2. Select the scarf or bag that represents one of our 6 nature inspired color palettes. (eg Warm Sunsets, Lush Rainforests etc.) You will see some of our designs that are being worn already around the world and the range of possibilities in a color bar.

3. Click “Add to cart” when you have decided which color palette you enjoy most. Keep in mind that the scarf or purse you receive will have colors and hues from the pallette, like the photos however it too will be one of a kind and 100 % unique. ( Just to be clear, you will NOT receive one of the examples pictured on our site)

4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 as many times as you like.

5. Await your delivery direct from the land of India where artisans bring the story of saris to life with their hopes and dreams as they lovingly hand stitch each and every line.

**You will not get the piece in the picture. Yours will be totally unique and one of a kind.** 

How it all comes together....and why you won't get the one you see!