Shagufta - up for the challenge

Meet talented and innovative Shagufta. Trained and working with Village Artisan now since 2007 Shagufta has excelled in every medium she has put her hand to. She began with sketches featured in our Handmade Paper Collections (gorgeous work similar to Henna designs put on Indian women's hands for weddings) and most recently has spear headed our Kantha Scarf and Eternal Beaded Scarf initiatives. In the initial pioneering stages of the Kantha scarf, she, along with her two elder sisters and the VA training team, cut each scarf from recycled saris, and learned how to stitch lines of “kantha” on to each scarf.  A true sign of success, is that now over 100 women have learned these skills and are working with us in preparing kantha Scarves! As Shagufta works from the tiny home that she shares with 15 brothers and sisters, her dreams for a brighter future are unfolding. . She, and 3  sisters and 2 brothers have been in the VA School Sponsorship Program now for a combined  28 years and she is saving up for her own wedding while she enjoys overseeing over 20 other young women that she has trained herself. You are a part of Shagufta’s story each time you wear and share one of our Eternal Beaded or our Kantha Scarves.

“I like learning new things and figuring them out. I love the challenge and the joy I get from succeeding.”

“Being apart of the VA family has given me stability and an opportunity to grow in ways I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”