Shaheen - Hope-filled, always ready to give her best

Shaheen is a dedicated mother of 8, working hard each day as she prepares her children for a bright future. Through Village Artisan she has found a true hope that does not fade, despite the challenges of life.

She first entered Village Artisan as a house helper, willing to do anything to support her family. Initially though, her willingness was not matched by her ability. To clean the kitchen she filled up a bucket of water and splashed it all over the walls! After 5 minutes of splashing she proudly came out to show the dripping kitchen, job done.

However, as Shaheen humbly and willingly listened and learned, her willingness paid off as her ability increased. Now, after many years of training and partnership, she is one of the first ladies we call on when work comes up. We are proud to claim Shaheen as a part of our Village Artisan family, proud to see how much she has learned and how far she has come.

Her's is the story of Village Artisan. A story of hope, dignity, and empowerment.