Uzma is beautiful, humble and thankful. As you enter her tiny home you sense the generosity and graciousness of the hostess. We sit cross legged on the bed that sleeps the family of five, and she pours out a warm cup of Chai. Her easy laughter draws you into her story.

Uzma's eyes sparkle as she shares of how her husband found work with Village Artisan after some tough years where her 3 boys were pulled out of school when her husband couldn’t find work. She too asked to be trained with VA in 2002, and quickly learned how to create the handmade paper collections right from her home

Now Uzma has expanded her repertoire to Kantha stitch on VA Scarves. She has trained many young women in her neighborhood and is a natural leader in the workshop.

Not only does she teach the kantha stitch but she, with her life, teaches them to believe in themselves, to work hard and honestly, and to treat others with dignity and love.

Family is important to Uzma, and she has been able to buy a house to raise her boys in and has seen them all put through school.

“ I am very thankful for the work I am able to do, but even more, I am thankful for the friendships I have made through VA that have taught me so much. It has helped me be a better mother and wife and now I truly feel I have something to give.

When I got married (at 14) I never dreamt I would be able to work with my own hands and help to support our family. My 3 boys have graduated through the school sponsorship program because of my work with VA, I am so thankful I have had this opportunity.”